Our medical services
An individualised approach to the patient. In order to find the best treatment solutions, our professionals strictly respect the medical protocols and the international therapeutic guidelines and this is the basis our medical institution's activity!
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About Forum Clinic
Forum Clinic - a professional team, created by respect, cooperation and mutual support, for which the priority goal is the health and the satisfaction of patients! At Forum Clinic we have built an entourage in which everyone feels safe and comfortable, but also to exceed their expectations by offering exceptional care and trusting relationships. As well by care and professionalism, quality and confidentiality, we manage to provide the expected result!
Why Forum Clinic?
We make every effort to provide you with the best medical care in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere! Our dedication and professionalism allow us to create beautiful and strong relationships and have satisfied patients!
  • Qualified doctors
    We have developed a strong medical team to offer a qualitative healthcare, but also to express empathy through an individualised and correct approach!
  • Modern equipment
    We make investments in the latest technologies and equipment to provide our patients with the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Affordable services
    We offer high medical services at affordable prices. Patient satisfaction and safety is very important to us!
  • Care for our patients
    Because we care about your health, we make sure you receive qualitative healthcare in a pleasant, friendly and confidential atmosphere!
  • International cooperation
    Cooperation with doctors and other hospitals from abroad is essential because it contributes to the development and implementation of new methods of scientific research, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Accuracy and precision
    The clinic is equipped with high-performance equipment that offers patients the opportunity to perform consultations, complex investigations and correct laboratory analyses.
Care for
our patients
International cooperation
Accuracy and precision