The Code of Ethics of Forum Clinic
The Code of Ethics of Forum Clinic is developed to inform you about the common set of ethical standards and legal principles established within our company, in order to provide high-quality services.

Forum Clinic will comply all applicable laws and standards of good practice regarding the health, safety and security of employees, patients and others affected by its business activities, including the prevention of environmental pollution. These are the primary objectives of the company, so its management will take all reasonable and necessary measures to achieve them.

This Code of Ethics will be applied in relation to:
- Forum Clinic's patients and visitors;
- ForumClinic's employees;
- Forum Clinic's partners.

We would like to inform you that the Forum Clinic Code of Ethics has been developed based on the content of:

  • Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova No. 1107/2002
  • Of the Contravention Code of the Republic of Moldova No. 218/2008
  • Law no. 263/2005 on the rights and responsibilities of the patient
  • Law no. 105/2003 on consumer protection
  • Law no. 273/1994 on identity documents in the national passport system
  • Law no. 114/2012 on payment services and electronic money
  • Law no. 133/2011 on the protection of personal data

Therefore, the Company will not tolerate illegal or unethical actions, performing its activity in accordance with all applicable laws and in accordance with national and international standards. In some cases, the laws applicable in the Republic of Moldova may be in conflict with those applicable in other countries. In such cases, the company will make all efforts to resolve them, under the guidance of the Legal Department.

At the same time, each visitor of the Forum Clinic is responsible for complying with these standards and restrictions, avoiding activities contrary to them, regardless of even though this is required by applicable law or this Code of Ethics.

Access to ForumClinic services is allowed to the following conditions:

- Possibility to identify the person requesting the medical service / legal representative, based on a confirmatory identity document (identity card, passport, driving license).
- The expression of the patient's consent by signing the forms and other internal documents related to the conditions of processing personal data, consent to the provision of medical service, as well as the rules set out in this Code of Ethics.
- Payment of the cost of scheduled/provided medical services, according to the price list displayed inside the medical institution and on the official website of Forum Clinic (

General rules of behavior for patients and visitors of Forum Clinic

In order to provide a efficient activity with high quality results, please accept the following internal orders, which include the obligations related to the behavior during your stay at ForumClinic and to the following aspects:

  • On time presentation, according to the appointment. Notify Forum Clinic staff immediately, please, about any potential delays or cancellations.
  • Presentation of documents, necessary for the identification as a patient.
  • Handing over, on request, of clothes and street shoes to the institution cloakroom or to the person accompanying you. It's recommended inside the institution, throughout the hospitalization, to wear the hospital equipment.
  • Knowing, understanding and respecting the medical treatment, recommended and explained by physicians, that you undertake by signing the informed consent.
  • Immediately inform the physician / nurse about any changes in your health.
  • To respect the prescribed treatment, cooperate and use the purchased medicines from outside the institution, only with the permission of the physician.
  • Respectful attitude towards the institution staff and maintaining the cleanliness of medical room, toilets and compliance with the rules of cleanliness maintenance in the medical institution, meal schedule, storage of the food, compliance with the rules related to visitors.
  • Careful and correct use of the furniture, sanitary, electrical or any kind of devices. Otherwise it will be required the payment of the damages produced (personally or by relatives, visitors) .
  • In the medical room are prohibited the consumption of foods contraindicated by the medical staff, consumption of alcoholic drinks, smoking or gambling.
  • The bed rest for the duration indicated by the physician is mandatory. All trips for investigations and treatments will be made only at the indication of medical staff;
  • All patients have the obligation to behave correctly in their relationships with other patients, avoiding the non-compliance of disciplinary rules, disturbing the peace and any improper manifestation.
  • Pets are not allowed in the medical institution.
  • It is forbidden to leave the institution without the approval of the physician and the head of department.
  • Patients are required to explain to members of their family and other visitors, to respect all rules of the medical institution, during its hospitalization.
  • Patients are required to follow the recommendations received at discharge and continue the treatment at home, if the doctor has prescribed one.
  • Patients will be informed concerning the contents of this code of ethics, and will undertake to comply with them by signing the informed consent.

The discharge of the patient
The patient is discharged in the following circumstances:

  • At the end of the treatment or at the overcoming of the acute phase of the disease - the estimation of the moment of discharge is made at the hospitalization of the patient and is updated according to the clinical evolution;
  • At the patient's request - the patient can leave the hospital on demand, being previously informed of the possible consequences on his health, having the obligation to complete and sign the discharge form on demand;
  • When transferring the patient to another hospital - the decision to transfer the patient to another hospital belongs to the physician or the doctor on duty;
  • When the patient leaves the hospital without the approval of the medical staff;
  • Disciplinary, according to the internal procedure.

Illegal payments:

Employees, third persons that acts on behalf of Forum Clinic, as well as Forum Clinic customers are not allowed to make, offer, authorize or promise to make illegal payments. The term "illegal payments" implies money or other valuables, illegal commissions, bribes or rewards for services provided. These types of payments are illegal, unethical and prohibited by this Code of Ethics.

The Company forbids all employees and persons acting on behalf of the Forum Clinic to paying, offering, promising or authorizing bribes, illegal commissions or other illegal payments like money or valuables to public servants, government employees, employees of a public international organization.

All transactions must be carried out only in accordance and authorized by the management.

At the same time, we encourage you to take the responsibility to participate and require additional information regarding any questions you may have about the service you are requesting at the Forum Clinic.

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